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Calamity Jayne

Sometimes theres nothing better than a good cry. And sometimes there are instances when you know you shouldn’t really cry and you can’t really help yourself. If you’re me that is… that happens… sometimes. Today was one of those times.


A Simple ‘case’ of lost luggage.. no ‘shock’ there.

Anyone who thinks that this job is always glamorous didn’t see me frantically hair drying my knickers in the cabin this evening. Yesterdays three flight (standard) journey to Vigo in Northern Spain from Manchester resulted in me arriving case-less at


Bilbao? Bil-WOW! (did I really just say that?)

Its not often I turn down a cruise… to be honest I am singularly the worlds worst person at saying no. I set my stall out at the beginning of every working year. “Thats it I’m working two weeks on


Chapter Two (back to the USA)… Don’t think just do it!!!!

In the United Kingdom we do not discern the concept of ‘Spring Break’ other than to witness its representation in American movies. Yes, at a similar time of year those involved in academia at every level take some sort of


Chapter One.. Back to the USA! (Leaving Manchester March 1st)

JUST as I got comfortable, wrestled Steve for my portion of the duvet and was reaching over to mute my phone, it beeped… an email? at 11.30 at night? And there it was To: Jayne Curry From: US Airways We


Jayne’s Caribbean adventure…Part Two

Finding a strong wifi signal in the caribbean is the holy grail for guest entertainers, indeed for all crew member on a ship who have spent any length of time away from home. So not only to find this, but


Jayne’s Caribbean adventure… Part One

Its a common misconception amongst many, local advocates included, that life in the caribbean is stress-free. That people bumble along aimlessly like the leaves on a breeze enjoying the sunshine and rum in abundance as the pace of life slows


Three planes, a train and a broken shoe :-(

Today promised the delights of a ‘three flight’ travel day to a destination, which if flown direct, would take two hours. But no no no… I left my house at 6am this morning and I’ll be lucky if I hit


Trying to be grateful for small mercies

Trying to be grateful for small mercies. Be under no illusions, the annual annoyance to the 21st Century airport traveler is part and parcel of my weekly routine and excessive checks, scans, queues, delays, mix ups and the such like


it’s been a LONG LONG time….

I am sacrificing what I know to be the best Wild Boar Ragu I’ve ever eaten (and the worst service I’ve ever received) in favour of the most appalling sandwich I have ever consumed and super-fast wifi, here, on the